e-Procurement Integrity Matrix

The key focus of Transparency International India (TII) has been on ensuring transparency in Public Procurement, through introduction of appropriate systems and tools in the procurement processes. Of late, e-tendering or e-procurement is emerging as the new method for doing Public Procurement using the internet. It is expected that all, or perhaps most Government tenders in future shall be processed using the e-procurement methodology. If properly implemented, e-procurement is expected to bring greater efficiency in the procurement process. However, new technologies also have their own lacunae and pitfalls. It is therefore of utmost importance for the Government entity (which will be performing the task of the Buyer or Purchaser), to ensure that security and transparency are not compromised in any way while adopting the new internet based procurement methodology. If this is not done, e-procurement can in fact become worse than the manual procurement process, as far as transparency and security are concerned. TII became concerned with this situation and took up this issue with the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). In this context, one of the submissions made by TII to the CVC is the ‘e-Procurement Integrity Matrix’.


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