Transparency International India (TII) is a leading non political, independent, non-governmental anti-corruption organisation of India. TII has extensive expertise and understanding of issues of corruption in India.


From villages in rural India to the corridors of power in Delhi, TII  gives voice to the victims and witnesses of corruption. We work in constructive manner in the interest of the country together with Union and State governments, like minded civil society organizations, corporate, academia, media   and common citizens. The main aim is to reduce corruption, bribery, create deterrence for abuse of power, promote good governance and the rule of law.


We raise awareness about corruption; advocate legal and policy reforms at national and state levels; design practical tools for institutions, individuals and companies wishing to combat corruption; and act as a leading centre of anti-corruption expertise in India.



To create a corruption-free India, so that the poor do not lose their voice to corruption.



To lead and support a committed effort to improve transparency and accountability by eradicating corruption through widening of knowledge and catalyzing action.


Priority Areas

Good governance, research, capacity building, communication and advocacy, participatory monitoring, engaging with Government, private sector and NGOs.


State Centres

State Centres are crucial to Transparency International India for our work at the grassroots. They support us and provide valuable insight into the ground realities for the implementation of our anti corruption efforts.


For further information regarding state centres and the process for the formation of state centre, please see the detailed accreditation requirements. In order to contact the state Centres in your area, see the contact details.